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One of my favorite things about Spring is the blooming branches everywhere.
New life. Beauty.

Bring the outdoors in by cutting a few and placing them in a nice container.
No arranging necessary.

A few inspirations.

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I came across an excellent post from Design Sponge this morning while perusing my usual list of blogs.  I’ve heard of edible flowers, and have eaten one or two myself, but I’ve never really incorporated them into a menu. I’m especially liking the Apple Blossom honey and the Breakfast Risotto. I can even see a breakfast party in the making, with a few of these items on the menu :). (more…)

The Lyman conservatory at Smith College is made up of several glass houses and is one of the few remaining plant conservatories in the U.S. that was built in the nineteenth century. It is really quite impressive to walk through each room and see plants from all over the world and housed in one location. To be exact, the conservatory has over 2500 species of plants. Quite a number. The plant house & conservatory as well as the arboretum and gardens are open daily year-round, and are a great place to visit (open to the public). And who knew something this great is located practically in the neighborhood?

As mentioned in the previous post, my favorite was the room of cactus and desert plants. Perhaps because I’ve made it a mission to keep my succulents and cactus alive and growing at home (it is surprisingly much harder than one may think). Regardless, I’ve been smitten by them ever since.

Enjoy the photos!

All photos Taken By Tanya and Elena.

A few weekends ago, we took our annual Saturday morning sister trip to Smith college. The Botanic garden holds a spectacular annual Spring Bulb show in their greenhouses every March. It is a free event (donations appreciated) that brings in over 20,000 visitors each year. And with over 5,000 blooms blooming simultaneously, it is quite a sight.

Everything was so alive and magical! The sweet smells and vibrant colors are always a great way to welcome spring. I especially love the room of cactus. The many different types and textures always keep me lingering there the longest.

Enjoy the photos!

All photos taken by Elena, Tanya, & Mary.

Here’s a little video about the Botanic Garden of Smith College.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/38224248]