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Married on a gorgeous Saturday June day, this lovely couple is as vibrant and fun-loving as their colors for their wedding- Watermelon Pink and Green.  Congrats Tanya & Serge!

Bride Bouquet: Pink Peonies, Pink Roses, Pink Freesia

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Cream Roses, Green Chrysanthemums, Green spray Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus.

For more photos from their wedding day & Engagement shoot, head over to Aleksandr Verbetsky Photography.

A few more snaps from my Iphone:

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, this week’s class was all about the green. Florist and designer Bob taught about making line mass arrangements.

Principles of line mass arrangements:

  • Line Mass arrangements combine strong lines of Japanese styles with massed effect of European design for a clean an uncluttered look, with definite line, a well-defined mass, and open space.
  • The dominant line is combined with mass material at focal area.
  • The lines should lead towards the focus of the arrangement rather than away from it.
  • The closer the flowers are to the focal area of the arrangement, the larger the quantity and the larger the blooms.
  • The greens should enforce the shape of the arrangement as well as hide the foam that is used.
  • Start with the larger line flowers (bells of Ireland), then add some of the flowers to establish the basic shape (triangular in our case-using carnations) . Add greens, then the other flowers, working from the largest blooms to the smallest.

A recap from Wednesday’s class in pictures:

Hope your day was a “green”one.

While we wait for photos from summer weddings, I’ll go ahead and share with you our wedding … I can’t believe it’s been 2 years and counting! Two wonderfully blissful years of being married to my best friend and lover.

When it came to florals for the wedding, it was no question that we were going to do this ourselves. We didn’t have an actual business set up at that time, so many hours were put into planning and looking for “suppliers” comparing quality/pricing etc.., estimating count, and so many other things. Why didn’t we go with a florist? For one, I knew what I wanted. I had everything planned out and imagined in my head months and months before the wedding. Also, we did many other weddings for friends and family so we had an idea of what it was going to take to make it all happen, and some experience in making arrangements/bouquets.

Even though we had a lot of help making the centerpieces and prepping the flowers, Elena was really the main person behind making everything happen! After all, it was she who stayed up until 3 a.m. Friday night to make 9 bouquets and all the boutonnieres ( maybe the ONLY negative to having such a large wedding party)….For which of course I am forever grateful 🙂

My advice to brides who want to DIY wedding flowers is this:

1. Delegate the Job to someone you trust. Don’t rely on friends and family to take charge and make everything happen. Even though they may be helpful in preparations, you need to appoint one person to take charge and make sure everything goes as planned. If you simply rely on people to just “show up” and help, you will end up spending precious time delegating (if not doing it yourself), stressing, and wishing you hired someone. It is possible to have beautiful florals for your special day without hiring a florist/designer, but the trade off is time. And lots of time.

2. Do Your Research. From having an idea of what you want to making sure you know how and where to store the flowers before your event… do your research and plan ahead! Sites like the Grower’s Box and flowerbud have competitive wholesale prices and deliver florals straight to your home. Also be sure to know what supplies you will need and how much time it will take to put things together.

3. Make a sample centerpiece/bouquet. If your centerpiece/arrangement/bouquet is more than cut flowers in a vase, my advice is to purchase enough flowers a month or two ahead of time and make a sample arrangement. This will give you a better idea of exactly how many stems you need per arrangement, and how much time will go into making one.

For example, we used a lot of orchids throughout the wedding. If you’ve ever worked with orchids, you know that each flower needs to be wired separately… this is time consuming and may take a little practice to perfect. By ordering a bunch ahead of time, I had the piece of mind knowing exactly what everything will look like, and that we won’t be wasting time trying to figure out how to make it work.

If DIY’ing wedding flowers seems overwhelming, no fear, the top three points are also the reason you may want to go with a florist. They will put the time and effort into creating a vision and seeing it through. And believe me, it will pay off in the end. That’s our mission here at Vozik Designs. We will work with your budget to create a vision and make it come to life.

So without further adieu, below are a few photos from our wedding day. My bouquet was a mixture of white Eskimo roses, green & white cymbidium orchids, & white hydrangeas. The bridesmaid bouquets consisted of white eskimo roses, fuchsia dendrobium orchids, green cymbidium orchids, & crystals. Centerpieces were a mixture of tall and short vases. Short vases were filled with white roses and a single white hydrangea, and tall vases were filled with white hydrangea and fuchsia dendrobium orchids.

Photographer: Elegant Union