Duties of the Wedding Party


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You’ve been asked. & said yes. Now what?

Many bridesmaids and groomsmen who say yes to standing along-side the bride and groom don’t know what it is exactly that they are supposed to do, other than show up on the day of the wedding in a dress/suit and stay along-side the bride & groom.

More often than not, we see brides stressing over details and items that could be taken care of by the bridal party and make the couple’s planning so much easier.

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So to all the bridesmaids and groomsmen out there, we hope you follow along as we share the written & unwritten rules and responsibilities of the bridal party. This is a fool-proof way to become the best darn friend a bride and groom could ever ask for. and who knows, perhaps when your day comes along, your bridal party will do just the same for you.


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Maid-of-Honor Duties

Typically the maid-of-honor is the bride’s sister or best friend. She holds the most responsibility of all the bridesmaids and is the main support not only in the planning process, but also on the wedding day. It’s your job to make the bride’s planning less stressful, be there for emotional support during the planning process and the big day, and most of all, be graceful and loving (i.e. don’t make this all about you, it’s her big day). Maid-of-honor duties include the following:

  • Assist her in shopping for the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, etc… Anything that has to do with wedding shopping/planning, be there to lend a hand.
  • Plan and host bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • Assist with miscellaneous tasks like addressing invitations, making party favors, picking up items, and anything else that the bride tasks you to do.
  • Be there a few days before the wedding to help with setup or any last minute tasks (picking up dry cleaning, etc..)
  • Keep track of gifts gifted to bride at bridal shower
  • Pay for your own attire and travel costs
  • Assists bride in getting dressed on the day-of.
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet during ceremony
  • Prepare a speech for the bride and groom
  • Witness and sign marriage certificate
  • Remain by the bride’s side on the big day, and help with delegating or taking care of last minute tasks or emergencies.
  • Hold groom’s ring during ceremony
  • Buy a gift for bridal shower and wedding

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The bridesmaids’ roles are much less demanding than that of the MOH, but remember, you are there for the bride and to assist the MOH as well. Most of all, be gracious, loving, and helpful throughout the whole process. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the dresses, the hairstyles, or where and with whom you’ll be sitting with, you did agreed to be part of her big day. Don’t give her reason to stress; after all, this whole celebration is not about you. Duties of the bridesmaids include:

  • Assist MOH in planning the bridal shower/bachelorette party (planning & cost)
  • Assist bride in addressing invitations, seating charts, party favors
  • Assist in setting up for the day-of if necessary
  • Attend all pre-wedding festivities and bring a gift to both bridal shower and wedding
  • Pay for your own attire and travel costs

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Best Man

The best man is typically the groom’s best friend or brother. He should be the groom’s biggest supporter and helper in the planning process, during the wedding, and even after. Some of the duties traditionally delegated to the Best man include:

  • Help groom pick out the attire for groom and the groomsmen
  • Plan and coordinates bachelor party
  • Assist groom in planning and preparation for the big day
  • Prepare and gives speech during the reception
  • Hold bride’s ring during the ceremony
  • Witness and signs marriage certificate
  • Arrange getaway car for after the wedding
  • Check honeymoon reservations the day before
  • deliver wedding gifts to couple’s home (if the parents don’t do this)
  • Pay for your own attire and travel costs
  • Pick up and return all rental attire after wedding (including all groomsmen suits)


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Like the bridesmaids, the groomsmen have less responsibilities, but they should check in with the best man and groom periodically, to see if there’s anything they can help with. Duties of a groomsmen include:

  • Help Bestman plan and host bachelor party
  • Pay for your own attire and travel costs
  • Get your suit fitted and pick up your own clothing from a rental shop
  • Show up for any rehearsals and rehearsal dinners
  • Show up early to the ceremony
  • Help guests to their seats
  • Reach out to the Best Man to help


Photo: Roman Rozhko

Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear other pieces of advice for future bridesmaids/groomsmen, so please share!