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Photo: Leo Shut

You’ve been asked. & said yes. Now what?

Many bridesmaids and groomsmen who say yes to standing along-side the bride and groom don’t know what it is exactly that they are supposed to do, other than show up on the day of the wedding in a dress/suit and stay along-side the bride & groom. (more…)

As a follow up to our last post, we’re sharing with you today a few peony worthy alternatives- in case you aren’t getting married in late spring/ early summer.
In my humble opinion, these three alternatives are just as worthy to get the spotlight in a bride’s bouquet. (more…)

I came across an excellent post from Design Sponge this morning while perusing my usual list of blogs.  I’ve heard of edible flowers, and have eaten one or two myself, but I’ve never really incorporated them into a menu. I’m especially liking the Apple Blossom honey and the Breakfast Risotto. I can even see a breakfast party in the making, with a few of these items on the menu :). (more…)

One of my absolute favorite elements about weddings today are that brides are finding creative ways to personalize their special day. I love seeing all the detail and “personal/home-made/DIY’ed” items that have been tastefully incorporated into their event…. And come to think of it, those details typically take the spotlight when others describe the event long after the party ends. (more…)