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Jen & Tim were married on a crisp October Saturday in a beautiful New England church. The bride carried a modern bouquet of white roses, green hydrangeas with a pop of color from the purple centered calla lilies. (more…)

With wedding season over, and the Christmas season quickly upon us, we’ve added extra hours in our workshop to make these fresh foraged beauties. (more…)

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, this week’s class was all about the green. Florist and designer Bob taught about making line mass arrangements.

Principles of line mass arrangements:

  • Line Mass arrangements combine strong lines of Japanese styles with massed effect of European design for a clean an uncluttered look, with definite line, a well-defined mass, and open space.
  • The dominant line is combined with mass material at focal area.
  • The lines should lead towards the focus of the arrangement rather than away from it.
  • The closer the flowers are to the focal area of the arrangement, the larger the quantity and the larger the blooms.
  • The greens should enforce the shape of the arrangement as well as hide the foam that is used.
  • Start with the larger line flowers (bells of Ireland), then add some of the flowers to establish the basic shape (triangular in our case-using carnations) . Add greens, then the other flowers, working from the largest blooms to the smallest.

A recap from Wednesday’s class in pictures:

Hope your day was a “green”one.

Exciting news! The ladies have signed up for a floral class. Every Wednesday evening for the next 6 weeks we will be putting our creative minds to use in a class led by florist owners and local designers. I’m looking forward to spending time with the sisters and also developing skills in a part of life that brings so much happiness. I hope the class will push us to try new techniques, learn from these seasoned designers, and allow our creative channels to be stimulated, engaged, and inspired. I’m a big believer in surrounding oneself by people who are successful in what they are doing, and more importantly, willing to teach others.

As an added bonus, we can take our creations home with us every time. So my kitchen table will be looking pretty dapper for the next several weeks :).

Here’s a re-cap of last night’s class, taken from my Iphone.

It’s amazing to me how different every arrangement came out, even though we used the same materials. Out of the 10 arrangements, there were no two that looked alike, yet all were nice. This is what I’ve come to learn about designing/styling (I come from a business background): there is no wrong way of doing something. Putting your own spin on a structure/arrangement/painting/photograph is what makes it interesting and unique.

One of my absolute favorite elements about weddings today are that brides are finding creative ways to personalize their special day. I love seeing all the detail and “personal/home-made/DIY’ed” items that have been tastefully incorporated into their event…. And come to think of it, those details typically take the spotlight when others describe the event long after the party ends. (more…)

Looking through last year’s wedding folders, I came across these beauties. The wedding was held outdoors in Vermont on a gorgeous August Sunday. The bride was considering using silk arrangements but reconsidered and allowed us to create the florals for the wedding party. These are the only few photos I snapped on the front lawn before delivering the flowers, but I couldn’t pass them up.

Bride Bouquet- White mini Calla lilies
Bridesmaid Bouquets-Purple pomps, cushion mums, White spray roses, Purple & white alstroemeria, White astible, Purple statice

I’ve been seeing a lot of this technique popping up everywhere from weddings & parties to home decor and even jewelry. And it’s no surprise because it’s the prefect way to add a splash of color and makeover ordinary items. Take a look at these paint dipped goodies. I’m loving the gold on the drinking glasses.. and the vases..and the bangles… And how about the baby jar turned vases? What an adorable idea for a baby shower. We have quite a few parties coming up so there will definitely be some of this going on. Enjoy!



1.(Martha Stewart)  2.(Design Love Fest) 3.(Lulu the Baker)
4.(Say Yes to Hoboken)  5. (O Happy Day)

We’re always looking for crafty ways to reuse everyday items around the home and for events. And who doesn’t have a full recycling bin of glass bottles at home? Here’s a simple and cute vase DIY. Materials include clean glass bottles, a can of spray paint, and some ribbon. Enjoy!

** Unfortunately I didn’t use primer before applying the spray paint and some of the paint chipped pretty quickly, so remember the primer!

The first signs of spring showed up at our home this week! In addition to picking up the firsts of Ranunculus, we have been meeting with clients for 2012 weddings. Nothing screams spring more than meeting with anxious and excited brides. We love it! We’ve got some great weddings to look forward to and exciting new things going on for our team so stay tuned! And if you’re still looking for a florist or styler, let us know by shooting us an email.


Hi there! Today’s post features a wedding from August Twenty-Eleven. The couple Jeremy & Lyla, will probably forever remember the day not only because they were tying the knot, but also because Hurricane Irene brought them some planning havoc the day before. Talk about last minute changes! In her own words Lyla describes, ” Hurricane Irene threatened to sweep through my wedding but held of until the following day. Even so, the day before the wedding both our ceremony and reception site decided to close for the weekend leaving us stranded without a place to get married. We managed to pull ourselves together and within a matter of 4 hours we had a new church and reception hall to have a wedding in.”

This couple is amazing. I have no doubt that whatever unforeseen troubles come their way in marriage, they will be able to go through it and come out even stronger. We wish them the best of blessings for their marriage.

Bride’s Bouquet: Akkito Roses, White mini callas, hydrangea, bear grass
Bridesmaid bouquets: Yellow roses, yellow mini callas, Dendrobium orchids, Pom Poms,
Arrangement: blue hydrangea, Iris, Yellow roses, white roses, yellow mini callas

Photography by: Julie Anne Portraits