2nd Annual Vozik Autumn Lunch

The end of each wedding season is marked by some type of dinner celebration for the team and our family. This year again, we decided to plan the event and make it at home. I’m truly amazed by the talent that runs in the family, and this event was a complete labor of love from all.
This year, the detail focus was on metals and wood. With a slate blue tablecloth, the copper napkin rings, brass candleholders, pallet table runner, and wooden name tags, came through beautifully.

On the menu: Chicken Chili, Herb coated lamb chops, Pork chops, caramelized brussels sprouts, wild blueberry pie, fresh compote, warm apple cider

A huge thank you to members of our family who took the time to create, build, sew, cook, photograph, etc… It’s a blessing to be able to create and make things happen with those closest to you.

Source list
Striped Napkins- Fabric.com, Sewn by Luda
Tablecloth- OsGoods, hemmed by Luda
Wooden benches- built by Elena
Floral Centerpieces- Elena and the team
pallet table runner- local wood yard, built by Luda
Brass Candle holders- Local Thrift find, Tanya
Wooden Name Tags- Eric
Calligraphy by, Luda
Copper napkin rings- Home Depot, Mary
Lunch provided by – Chef Roman
Photos by: Leo Shut

Flower List
Dahlias, Peach Roses, Thistle, Waxflower, Agonis Burgundy, Artichokes, eucalyptus





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