All things Green

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, this week’s class was all about the green. Florist and designer Bob taught about making line mass arrangements.

Principles of line mass arrangements:

  • Line Mass arrangements combine strong lines of Japanese styles with massed effect of European design for a clean an uncluttered look, with definite line, a well-defined mass, and open space.
  • The dominant line is combined with mass material at focal area.
  • The lines should lead towards the focus of the arrangement rather than away from it.
  • The closer the flowers are to the focal area of the arrangement, the larger the quantity and the larger the blooms.
  • The greens should enforce the shape of the arrangement as well as hide the foam that is used.
  • Start with the larger line flowers (bells of Ireland), then add some of the flowers to establish the basic shape (triangular in our case-using carnations) . Add greens, then the other flowers, working from the largest blooms to the smallest.

A recap from Wednesday’s class in pictures:

Hope your day was a “green”one.

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