Personalize it.

One of my absolute favorite elements about weddings today are that brides are finding creative ways to personalize their special day. I love seeing all the detail and “personal/home-made/DIY’ed” items that have been tastefully incorporated into their event…. And come to think of it, those details typically take the spotlight when others describe the event long after the party ends.

As you plan your wedding, think of details that you can incorporate to make your day personal. It’s Your day. Make it about you.

It doesn’t have to be “made by you” to be personal. What is it that you love to do most as a couple? Do you have a favorite collection, hobby, passion, that you can infuse into your event to make it personal? Does your mother have a beautiful garden blooming in the summer? Why not use some of her flowers? Do you bake/sew/paint? Have a friend or sibling who does? Why not use the resources you have to add a personal touch to your wedding.

It’s much like decorating a home, really. How fantastic is it to walk into a room and see a painting that was gifted to you by your painter friend? Or cozy up with a blanket that was hand-made by your grandmother? Some of my favorite pieces at home are unique finds from thrift stores (my awesome trunk made into a coffee table) or items we made ourselves. It may take me months to find that perfect coffee table, or to create some wall art for that blank wall…but when it’s done, it screams us. It’s unique. It’s personal. Much like a home, or wedding should be. About the couple. for the couple.

Just this week I came across a number of details I absolutely heart. I hope these photos give you a springboard to personalize your own event! From vintage umbrellas, to lace embroidery hoops and a love for typography- I love how these couples have added personal touches to their special day.

What are some ways you’ve infused your personal touches into your special day? How about your home? I’d love to hear them all.

And most likely my all-time favorite // This couple mailed out instructions for folding origami cranes, and return envelopes to all their guests. After receiving the 1,000 cranes, their family spent hours creating and hanging the cranes. The result is breath-taking.

1. Lace Embroidery hoops 2. Vintage umbrellas  3. Typography love 4. Hanging Squares  5. Origami Cranes 6. Backdrop beauty 7. Scrabble Love

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