Jen & Tim || Basketball Hall Of Fame

Jen & Tim were married on a crisp October Saturday in a beautiful New England church. The bride carried a modern bouquet of white roses, green hydrangeas with a pop of color from the purple centered calla lilies.We chose to bring in rich shades of reds, purples and pinks for the bridesmaid bouquets to compliment their gold dresses. The couple’s unified appreciation for basketball made the Basketball hall of Fame a fitting reception venue. It was exciting to see an unusual but inspiring venue come together so perfectly. Congrats Jen & Tim!

Thankful to Jackie Ricciardi for the amazing photos. For more of the couple’s special day, head over to Jackie’s blog.



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Fresh Christmas Wreaths

With wedding season over, and the Christmas season quickly upon us, we’ve added extra hours in our workshop to make these fresh foraged beauties. If you’re in the area, stop by Zuber’s Deli in Westfield MA for a yummy bite and pick up a wreath for your door. We are also happy to take custom wreath orders and deliver to your home (Springfield area). Email us for more details by heading over to the Contact Us Section.

The team would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and joyful season. We are thankful, humbled and blessed to have had a busy year with wonderful clients. Thank you.

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Autumn Styled shoot

Each year we here at Vozik take a day to celebrate the end of the wedding season and to plan for the year ahead. This year we chose to make lunch at home and had a great time styling the tablescape for an autumn lunch using a few of our fall favorites. After finding the perfect striped linen, we paired deep reds, purples and golds with the neutral selections. My personal favorites this season were our beloved dahlias, magnolia leaves, and fall fruits. Square mirrors were used as placemats and reflected the surrounding beauty. No better way to celebrate autumn and a year of wonderful events and clients.

Photos by Leo Shut.

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Alex & Christina.

I’m sharing a Summer wedding with you today, but really these colors are also perfect for this time of year.
Alex & Christina were married this past July in their hometown here in Westfield.  Congratulations you two!

Christina was open to many options and we chose to include texture and complimenting colors for her overall design. With a strong red as her main color, we incorporated creams and pinks to soften the look.

Bridal Mix: Red English roses, White Garden Roses, Red Freesia, Wax flower
Bridesmaid Mix: Red English Roses, Cream Roses, Wax flower, sweet peas, red freesia

For More from their special day, head over to Irina Kravchenko’s Flickr Album.

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The New Peony.

As a follow up to our last post, we’re sharing with you today a few peony worthy alternatives- in case you aren’t getting married in late spring/ early summer.
In my humble opinion, these three alternatives are just as worthy to get the spotlight in a bride’s bouquet.

1. Ranunculus
This small flower layered with delicate petals works great in combination with peonies, a substitute, and just stand alone.
Consider a bouquet of all ranunculus for a soft and stunning look, or add this pretty flower to your mix of wedding day florals.


Photo Source

2.Specialty Roses (David Austin Roses/ Cabbage roses)
The beauty about these roses is that they are available year round and have the rounded petals and fluffiness of peonies.
Specialty roses are very popular in bridal party bouquets, and they smell amazing. Although they tend to be pricey, we often recommend these for brides who are set on having peonies but are not able to.These fluffy soft petaled flowers are also a perfect way to take a bouquet from standard to glam.


3. Dahlias
This versatile autumn flower comes in many, many shapes, sizes and colors. Lucky for us all, there are quite a few that resemble peonies.  Perhaps dahlias are the new autumn peony.


Photo Source


Photo Source


We discovered these beauties a few weeks ago after treading through rows and rows of dahlias in search of the perfect ones.


And there you have it!
Three stunning substitutes to the coveted peony.


Peony Bliss

Hands down peonies are an all time favorite with brides everywhere. And it’s not hard to wonder why-
The fluffy sweet smelling blooms come in the sweetest shades of whites, creams, pinks and reds, and are the perfect flower to add to a bridal bouquet, no matter the style of the wedding. Unfortunately peony season is very short and brides quickly realize that unless their event is in early spring through mid June, chances are this beauty won’t make the cut.

So what is a peony-loving bride to do? Once we break the news about the short peony season, most brides quickly move on to good alternatives and often fall in love with the different options available.

Today, I’m excited to share this stunning June wedding and show off the beauties we all swoon over. And no worries, if you are a bride hoping to find something that looks like peonies, we’re going to follow up with another post with lots of options for you.

In the meantime, enjoy!

This June wedding was a fantastic combination of sweet elegance and simple combinations. The florals we used were requested to look just like the peonies in mom’s garden :)  It was no easy task, but the results were perfection. The wonderful couple celebrated their first anniversary this past June, and also welcomed their beautiful little girl into the world. We love to see marriages flourish and families grow! Happy anniversary you two! Blessings. Be sure to head over to Aleksandr Verbetsky Blog for more of their special day and engagement photos.

Bridal Bouquet: Peonies, Pink Astilbe, Pearls
Bridesmaid Bouquets: Peonies, Garden Roses, Dusty Miller

Photographer: Aleksandr Verbetsky











A few more snaps of arrangements from the wedding from my Iphone:









Paul & Olga.

It’s been a busy busy summer, but we’re back on the blog and with a real treat of a wedding. Olga and Paul celebrated their first year of marriage this weekend, and there’s no better time to share their special day. The day was filled with blush hues, white beauties and a hint of black. Even with a large guest attendance, the couple managed to make the day personal and intimate with heartfelt speeches from the bridal party and songs shared between the two.  Congratulations to our dear friends on their anniversary. Blessings for the years ahead.

Bride bouquet: White Hydrangeas, Garden roses, Anemones, Astilbe
Bridesmaid bouquets: Hydrangeas, Garden roses, Dahlias, Spray roses, Astilbe
Ceremony decor: Manzanita Trees, Hyrangea Pomanders, Rose panels

Photos by Ruvim Kowaluk & Leo Shut

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